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A poolingsystem with a sustainable returnable planttray


With Envitray we want to radically change plant logistics

One way planttrays cannot be the future

Current situation

  • Single-use plastics in plant packaging harm the environment
  • Yearly usage in Germany alone: 150 mln planttrays (21 mln kg plastic)
  • Almost all single-use planttrays made from Polystyreen (PS, category 6)
  • Large variety of planttrays in the market

Our Solution

  • Reusable planttray with pooling system
  • Supported by all users in the chain
  • 5 planttrays ( HDPE plastics, category 2)
  • Covers potsizes 7 – 17 cm (6-8-10-14-22 holes)
  • Fits 4 trays per Danish layer
  • Cost of usage charged by pay per use
  • Including return transport, cleaning, sorting, storage, IT, loss/repairs​
  • Reliable registration of planttrays

Intiative supported by subsidy from Province Zuid-Holland

How it works



The planttrays can be ordered online based on demand


The trays are filled up and you arrange delivery to client


We arrange return logistics from your client when trays are empty


The trays are cleaned and ready for re-use at the desired location

Ready to save the planet with a circular solution?

We are ready for the next step in plant logistics. Let’s discuss the opportunities for your organisation

Clean. Reusable. Efficient.

From one-way planttrays to reusable planttrays with poolingsystem

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